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The ROI Philosophy

We believe that each decision we make is an investment of resources. It is our mission to help people achieve a positive Return on Investment in their lives, whether the resources they are investing are time, money, or energy.

Our Story

As a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), our founder Brian Marchant spent many years acting as an informal Personal Finance adviser to friends and colleagues. With roots in corporate finance, and a passion for helping others, those worlds finally collided, giving rise to Business Minded.

Here, in the union of the two backgrounds, practical frameworks were established from the years of informal coaching.

Investing money, time, and energy the right way form the basis for all of the work at Business Minded. Making the right choices whenever we can, and learning from the rest. By applying what we have learned, and continuing on the quest of lifelong learning, we strive to bring the best strategies and insights so that all may live richly.

If you are like-minded, and want all the successes life has to offer, join us as we discover life's best Return on Investment.

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Meet our Founder


Brian Marchant


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Next Steps...

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed among all the choices in front of you? We look at all these choices, and navigate the best path forward. Together, we can live our richest lives!

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