5 Types of Insurance You Need

   Insurance can provide a life-line in a dire situation, but only if you have the right coverage. With so many options for insurance, what types of insurance do you need to keep your family protected?

   The 5 types of insurance here are all ones that you should definitely consider for your insurance portfolio.

Life Insurance

   Everybody dies at some point. And even death isn’t cheap. The costs associated with a funeral can add up quickly, and leave your loved ones holding a hefty bill. One way to protect your loved ones from the high costs of dying is through life insurance.

   Life Insurance pays out your policy in the event of your death. This can help cover funeral costs, and provide a financial safety net to help your loved ones weather a difficult storm. These policies can be broken into Whole Life Insurance, and Term Life Insurance. The type of policy that is best for almost everybody is Term Life Insurance.

   Life insurance isn’t required for everybody all the time, but in certain life situations that insurance is the smartest choice you can make. If you have significant financial obligations, whether that’s from buying property, owning pets, or raising children, life insurance is essential. The same goes for the primary bread-winner in a family. Life insurance protects your loved ones if you aren’t around to support them anymore.

   It is often recommended that your Term Life Insurance policy is 10 times your annual salary. That provides enough of a financial safety net to help your loved ones carry on this wonderful, albeit sometimes difficult, journey without you.

Medical Insurance

   Medical insurance is a must-have for everyone. A single medical issue has the power to bankrupt even the wealthiest among us. Because the costs or medical care are so high, you need to have health insurance.

   Fortunately for the Canadian readers out there, that health insurance is paid for by the government. But if you aren’t so fortunate to have government help with those medical bills, you need to buy your own health insurance.

Home or Renters Insurance

   Ask anyone who has just moved about how much stuff they have. As they unpack boxes upon boxes of things they’ve collected, the value of all those accumulated possessions adds up.

   One thing you can be sure of, it’s that life throws curve balls every once in a while. And some of those curve balls show up in the form of theft, floods, fires, earthquakes, and more. 

   To protect your assets, you should have homeowners or renters insurance. These insurance policies protect your home and everything that’s in it. And that can mean a lot of things. 

   If something were to happen and you lose your worldly possessions, home/renters insurance will even pick up the tab to help you settle somewhere else. Whether that’s paying your rent somewhere else, or setting you up in a hotel. Tragedies don’t have to wipe you out financially, as long as you have the right homeowner or renters insurance. 

Auto Insurance

   Automotive insurance is another must-have if you own a vehicle. Thousands of pounds of steel hurtling down a roadway might be a convenient way to move around this big ol’ world. But, it’s also a good way to really cause some damage. 

   Having auto insurance helps cover you from both the property damage that arises from a car accident, but more importantly, that insurance covers any necessary medical costs. Those costs can quickly lead to financial ruin for an individual. 

   Not only is auto insurance a good idea, it’s legally required before operating a motor vehicle. Don’t gamble with your financial life. Make sure you’re covered by auto insurance before you drive.  

Long-Term Disability Insurance

   Have you ever considered not being able to work? Most people don’t give that any thought. But as you are the source of your future wealth creation, you need to protect yourself and your ability to create that wealth. 

   Disability insurance provides income replacement in the event that you are no longer able to work. While other insurance can help with things like medical bills, other costs don’t simply go-away because you can’t work. For those costs, having a guaranteed income replacement is essential.

   When shopping for disability insurance, the best rates are often through your employer. In fact, many employers provide this insurance as a mandatory benefit. But, not everyone has an employer. For those readers who work for themselves, having a disability insurance policy is essential. This will provide the financial safety net you need in case you are unable to work for an extended period of time.

   Life insurance, health insurance, homeowner / renters insurance, automotive insurance, and disability insurance. These policies should make up the majority of your insurance portfolio. Each policy is designed to protect you and your loved ones from an otherwise devastating situation.

   The right insurance ensures that you are taken care of, no matter what life throws at you.

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