Buying a Dream

   Would you buy something sight unseen?

   Anyone plugged into automotive news will have undoubtedly heard of some exciting new developments recently. A new Tesla truck, the Rivian vehicles, the return of the Ford Bronco.

   Each of these vehicles is quickly selling out, despite the buyers never having seen the end product.

   But what then is happening? Why are so many people spending their hard earned dollars on products that don't even exist yet?

   The answer of course isn’t some voodoo-like phenomenon. Nor is it as mythical as the law of attraction. 

   No, you can’t wish these things into existence. No Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, or Easter Bunny will leave hidden gems under the tree/pillow.

   Instead, people are doing no less than setting a goal. A goal to own something in the future. Once the commitment is made, it is simply a matter answering the how question. 

   The difference between a dream and a goal, is the action plan to get there. No longer is it something you wish for when you close your eyes. That thing that you desire? It can be yours, with the right plan.

You can have more than you have now, because you can become more than you are now. - Jim Rohn

   Setting a goal, even one that stretches you beyond where you currently are, is a good way to motivate yourself to grow into the person you want to become.

How to Buy a Dream


   As with many things, making the first decision is easy. Decide what you want to have / who you want to become.

   Decide. And commit to that decision.

Plan, and Execute

   Like so many new car owners, that initial decision is easy. For a nominal deposit, that new vehicle is on the way.

   Next, is to determine what is necessary to keep that dream alive. 

   This planning is something we all do all the time. We decide what we need to have, and work out a way to get that. 

   Let’s say you put down your name for a new Tesla truck. For $800/month, you are a Tesla owner. For as long as you believe that’s who you are, you will find a way to get that $800/month. Maybe that’s a couple less nights out each month. Or picking up a side-gig. Or working for that promotion. 

   Whatever it takes - this is who you are, and you will find a way.


   Execution is where success is born. Taking action turns that dream into a goal, and that goal into reality.

   Committing to your initial decision means sacrifice. Continuous sacrifice, day after day, week after week, all in the pursuit of that initial ideal. It is this third step that separates the perpetual dreamers from those who will truly make it. Because dreaming is easy. Action is hard work.

   What dreams do you hold close?

   Don’t look for those shiny baubles ‘neath the tree this week. Or under the pillow. Or wrapped in a sugar-laden egg.

   Some dreams can only be bought. Paid for with cold hard cash, and the never-ceasing toils of one who believes in who they are becoming.

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