The little things

The little things matter as much as your greatest accomplishments.

   The beer was flowing at a recent company evening social, just like any other. But this evening was not like any other. We were there to say farewell to an esteemed colleague, Greg, as he parted ways with the company. Over the past half decade, Greg reshaped the sales division of the company, and led the team to double digit growth year over year. His list of accomplishments was long, between bringing in some of the largest deals the company had ever sold, to entering new markets internationally. But this evening, as those who worked closest with him gathered to say thanks, none of those accomplishments were mentioned.

   Instead it was the little things that people reflected upon. 

   His cheerful demeanor, always quick with a smile. The way every situation was a learning experience, even when a prospective customer slipped away. Or the best practices and recent wins shared each weekly meeting. The way each team member felt valued and respected, regardless of their experience.

   Greg’s influence could be felt throughout the team, and that team, his team, had grown and prospered because of it. All because of the little things.

What are your little things?

   Much as Greg was remembered for the way he showed up for his team each day, you too will leave your mark not just through your grand accomplishments, but also through how you show up. These daily behaviours, the little things are what people cherish about you.

How are you showing up?

   Just as we cherish the little things that makes others who they are, they cherish the little things you do that make you who you are. Take some time to reflect on who you want to be, how you want to be remembered. Now, how are you embodying those values and virtues that you have identified? What little things are you performing each day?

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